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Electronic/Fasteners, Inc.

Value Added Services

Just in Time (Bread Man)

  • Responsible EFI Employee to assess inventory levels weekly/bimonthly
  • Bins should be sequencally numbered or readable bar code
  • Kanban (signal) Fax, E-Mail, Scan releases to satisfy demand (two bag system)
  • Parts pulled for the next delivery trip
  • Parts marked with P/N and assigned bin location

Remote Order Entry

  • Bins will be labeled by EFI for Scanner Pickup
  • Customer scans bins on weekly basis
  • Scanner is placed on Cradle and Data Sent
  • EFI receives Data Entry for Order Processing
  • Parts are bagged and packaged for shipment
  • Parts are placed in appropriate bins
  • Process starts over with bin scanning

Dock to Stock

  • Customer initiates release
  • Transmission received by EFI
  • Parts pulled from designated stock and shipped to customer
  • Customer receives stock directly to bin locations
  • Quality control performed by EFI

Custom Kitting

  • EFI kits requirements to production cell sequence, cells identified and kits arrive at customer dock for placement on appropriate assembly location
  • All parts are delivered with requirements sheet attached for each cell activity
  • Kit releases tied to production runs

Bonded Inventory

  • Parts will be stocked and held exclusively for customer
  • Six week inventory is held
  • All specials (unique items) managed at lowest possible levels per demand and lead time from factory
  • First In - First Out
  • Inspected and prepackaged


  • Determine quantity requirements to satisfy six weeks manufacturing demand
  • Six weeks of inventory delivered to customer
  • Parts stocked at prescribed location until production draws
  • Next six weeks demand on hand EFI
  • When next six week lot is released EFI invoices for previous lot - Cycle continues

In House Store

  • Reserved for high volume MFG's
  • EFI Puts employee on site
  • Parts issued to floor on demand
  • EFI employee stocks cell bins
  • G & A cost paid by customer
  • Customer provides store space
  • Customer pays for parts as issued